About GRID Camps

GRID Camps are a rolling series of one-day events that offer an opportunity for athletes to workout in an NFL OTA-style setting and/or a chance for all athletes to be "verified" with athletic testing by professional scouts and coaches.

GRID Camps was designed specifically to help propel street free agents and collegiate athletes (portal or incoming college athletes) toward their next football destination.

Created by a founding executive of HUB Football, GRID provides prospective players on-field work that focuses on technique instruction to highlight their individual skill set.  Led by current and former Professional and FBS college coaches, GRID Camps' rosters are curated to present the best players on a neutral platform.

GRID maintains a network of direct relationships with professional and collegiate leagues and teams to share player data, video and whatever is necessary to enhance the exposure of GRID alumni.  Most importantly, pro personnel will be attending and/or receiving all data collected by GRID for their own independent evaluation.

Our goal is to have every invited player affirm that GRID helped them improve as a player and provide a unique opportunity for all professional organizations to analyze, in-person or through film, a wide collection of elite talent in one place.


The on-field workout is by invitation only -- all applicants are pre-screened by our scouting team to ensure they are of professional quality talent.  This is a non-contact, non-padded, safe environment prioritizing the athlete's health for immediate opportunities.  Athletes must apply for admission, receive an invite and complete registration payment in order to attend.